Key Features

AeroDR X60

The AeroDR X60 is a high quality, cost effective, compact motorized floor mounted X-ray system, built around Konica Minolta’s renowned wireless AeroDR flat panel detector family. High quality components were selected to minimize maintenance and realize a short installation time.


AeroDR X60 provides a comfortable working environment and more efficient workflow for both user and patient. Frequent work steps are automated and daily work efficiency is maximized – combined with a continuous high quality level: thanks to the sophisticated auto tracking functions. The AeroDR flat panel detector and user friendly AeroNAV console deliver high image quality for better patient care.

Automatic charging

The AeroDR detector can easily be stored and at the same time automatically charged in the AeroDR X60 bucky tray, even while working. This exclusive functionality greatly improves efficiency and avoids the hassle with additional cables or changing batteries. 

Free Positioning

The X-ray tube stand provides the possibility of 360° rotation for a maximum of application flexibility.

Ideal for immobile patients who should be X-ray examined directly in the bed/trolley without relocating the person. The AeroDR X60 is the perfect alternative to more complicated and expensive ceiling suspension installations. 

Touch Panel

Fully digital DR-system with 10 inch touch-screen as central operation interface for users. Next to the digital indication of SID to table and wall stand bucky, the indication of table height and other system details also patient information and position guide information are displayed on the touch screen.

User friendly & safe

X-Ray examination in low position for only some inches or for specific body areas is made easy; auxiliary devices (with sometimes risky positioning) are redundant.

Easy to use and flexible

Light handling of the x-ray tube, wall stand and floating table top allow for easy patient positioning, creating a comfortable environment for both user and patient. Due to the flexibility of the system, you can achieve a high variety in examinations and a more efficient workflow, even with a high patient load.


One of the key features of the AeroDRX60 X-ray system is its highly intelligent auto-tracking function, which enables an automatic positioning adjustment of several system components to each other. This can lead to significant time saving in workflow, e.g. in case of vertical auto-tracking of the Source to Image Distance (SID). Synchronized movement of the tube and detector is standard. The X-ray tube automatically tracks the detector during wall stand or table bucky adjustments, also when the tube is placed in an angled position.

The following essential work steps are auto-tracked:

  • Height adjustment of the table auto-tracking of the X-ray tube
  • Moving or turning the X-ray tube auto-tracking of the bucky
  • Positioning of the wall stand bucky auto-tracking of the X-ray tube

One detector, multiple positions

Use the AeroDR detector for examinations in the table bucky, wall stand or for tabletop projections, as you would use a fi lm or CR cassette. Even standing free exams pose no problem for AeroDR X60.  The AeroDR detector can be shared within the x-ray room while a built-in exposure safety control blocks the exposure if the detector is not inside the correct bucky. The AeroDR detector can even be taken to the patient´s bed and used with your existing portable X-ray equipment.


Speed - A Cycle time of 6 seconds allows you to do more exams per day.

Charging time - Capacitor technology enables charging the panel from 0 to 100% in just 30 minutes. The 2S can even be fully charged in 13 minutes.

Lightweight - The AeroDR 2S is Konica Minolta´s lightest 14”x17” flat panel detector and therefore very easy to handle in your daily clinical routine

Robust - 300 kg surface load makes it suitable for all patient types and sizes.

Waterproof - Exposure to water or body fluids is no longer a problem with AeroDR 2S and Premium´s IPX6 waterproof rating.

AED - Automatic Exposure Detection by means of hybrid detection technology


The AeroDR X60 can be equipped with a wide selection of Konica Minolta portable detectors. From 10” x 12”, which fi t in most incubators, to 14” x 17” for daily routines up to 17” x 17”.

Quality components

AeroDR´s CsI scintillator was developed by Konica Minolta to provide high quality images at a low dose.  The AeroDR detector features various characteristics, such as the safe and long lasting built-in lithium-ion capacitor and a robust monocoque design. High-class components were selected, which together with the AeroDR detector make the AeroDR X60 a reliable and high quality product. By thoroughly reviewing the housing and components, we have been able to reduce the weight of the AeroDR detectors. For example, the AeroDR Premium weighs only 2.6 kg and is therefore comparable to standard CR cassettes of the same size.

Durable carbon fiber housing

By using the same housing technology (carbon fiber reinforced plastic), all AeroDR detectors have a surface load up to 300 kg.

High performance capacitor

Konica Minolta has chosen a capacitor for its AeroDR instead of battery to allow a quick 0 to 100%  charging time of just 30 minutes for AeroDR Premium and a mere 13 minutes (!) for AeroDR 2S. This means that the detector is ready when you are! Using this unique capacity technology, there is no loss of capacity and no need to replace the power unit during the lifetime of the detector like you would with e.g. Li-Ion batteries. In addition, there is no risk of overheating while in use or charging and therefore ensuring additional safety for you and your patients.

Water resistance

X-ray detectors may be accidentally exposed to water, or body fluids when used in demanding environments such as emergency rooms. To prevent possible damage to the interior of the detector, the AeroDR Premium and AeroDR2S have been equipped with an IPX6 certified waterproof housing. This also allows for easy and more effective disinfection and cleaning when needed.

AeroNAV Software for optimized workflow

With AeroNAV, which is available in a flexible single or multi detector configuration, AeroDRX60 incorporates a powerful digital radiography control and acquisition system. The AeroNAV workstation does not only control the AeroDR system; it also controls the generator, the collimator, and displays the integrated DAP measurements. Simply adjust the exposure parameters on the AeroNAV console and review your image within 2 seconds. Intuitive operation and quick preview and short cycle times ensure significantly higher productivity.

In less than 2 seconds after an exposure, a preview image pops up on the console display. Our user-friendly graphical interface is configurable; this enables you to set it up according to your needs and wishes.