Key Features

AeroDR X10

Mobile X-ray systems are used throughout the hospital from the patient room to operating and emergency room. The AeroDR X10 Digital X-ray system enables you to perform digital diagnoses wherever you need to.


The need for fast, reliable, and high IQ imaging is growing as technology shifts from analog or CR cassettes to wireless flat panel detectors. The Konica Minolta AeroDR wireless technology supports you to speed up your workflow by using the AeroDR X10: a manually driven mobile x-ray system with all the essential features that delivers high performance, even in confined spaces.

Fully integrated digital mobile

The AeroDR X10 is a fully integrated mobile digital X-ray system that combines excellent mechanical and digital components to help you carry out exams more efficiently. For example the AeroNAV Image Acquisition Software, displayed on a 19” Touch screen, not only provides excellent images, AeroNAV also controls the generator by sending predefined exposure parameters for each examination.

Easy to use – Easy to move

The AeroDR X10 is equipped with the AeroNAV image acquisition and processing software. The AeroNAV user interface design is easy to use and therefore limits the need for extensive user training. The monitor can be rotated on two axes for more flexibility. It easily adjusts in height and the collapsible column allows for smooth transport. A bright collimator light and the SID laser light option, support fast patient positioning. The optional remote control can be used to make exposures and control the collimator light.

An integrated DAP is available optionally to provide the relevant information patient X-ray dose in an easy to interpret format. The AeroDR X10 weighs less and is more compact than motorized systems, which make it easier to move around in small spaces.

Smart & Space saving

AeroDR X10 is a powerful compact system with a smart, space saving design. This mobile digital and fast return on investment.

Easy positioning

Since AeroDR detectors are among the lightest in their class, it makes it truly easy to position the detector for bedside exams. The detectors can easily be used in the Emergency Room, because they are waterproof and are protected from liquids and body fluids.

In-bin charging

The AeroDR detector can easily be stored and at the same time automatically charged in the bin. Making use of the Konica Minolta unique Lithium- Ion-Capacitor technology of the AeroDR detectors, the AeroDR X10 allows in-bin charging while the system is plugged into a wall socket. Allowing the panel to be charged while the mobile is in the parking position; ready when you need it.

Powerful and robust

32 kW power and the double-focus X-ray tube allows to capture X-ray images of all body areas with a high level of detail. AeroDR X10 can be combined with Konica Minolta´s robust, carbon fiber flat panel detectors which are available in various sizes: 10”x12”, 14”x17” or 17”x17”.

Wireless connectivity

Not only do AeroDR detectors provide wireless communication for effortless usage at the patient´s bedside, also the communication towards the hospital network (RIS/PACS) is wireless. Images can be made available for furthers diagnosis immediately after the acquisition.


Speed - A Cycle time of 6 seconds allows you to do more exams per day.

Charging time - Capacitor technology enables charging the panel from 0 to 100% in just 30 minutes. The AeroDR 2S can even be fully charged in 13 minutes.

Lightweight - The AeroDR 2S is Konica Minolta´s lightest 14”x17” flat panel detectors and therefore very easy to handle in your daily clinical routine.

Robust - 300 kg surface load makes it suitable for all patient types and sizes.

Waterproof - Exposure to water or body fluids is no longer a problem with the AeroDR 2S and AeroDR Premium´s IPX6 waterproof rating.

AED - Automatic Exposure Detection by means of hybrid detection technology.


The AeroDR X10 can be equipped with a wide range of Konica Minolta portable detectors. From 10”x12” which fits in most incubators, to 14”x17” for daily routines up to 17”x17” for chest exams and with various features. Of course, all Konica Minolta detectors are designed to be reliable and robust.

Lightest 14x17 inch detector

By thoroughly reviewing the housing and components, we have been able to reduce the weight of the AeroDR detectors. For example, the AeroDR Premium weighs only 2.6 kg and is therefore comparable with standard CR cassettes of the same size.

Durable carbon fiber housing

Because we use the same housing technology, carbon fiber reinforced plastic, all our AeroDR detectors have a surface load up to 300 kg.

High performance capacitor

Konica Minolta has chosen a capacitor for its AeroDR detectors instead of battery to allow quick 0 to 100% charging time of just 30 minutes for AeroDR Premium and a mere 13 minutes (!) for AeroDR 2S. This means the detector is ready when you are. Using this unique capacity technology, there is no loss of charging capacity and there is no need to replace the power unit during the lifetime of the detector like you would with e.g. Li-ion batteries. In addition, there is no risk of overheating while in use or being charged ensuring additional safety for you and your patients.

Water resistance

X-ray detectors may be accidentally exposed to water or body fluids when used in demanding environments such as emergency rooms. To prevent possible damage to the interior of the detector, the AeroDR Premium and 2S have been equipped with an IPX6 certified waterproof housing. This also allows for easy and more effective disinfection and cleaning when needed.

AeroNAV Software for optimized workflow

AeroNAV provides a simple and intuitive user interface for complete workflow control. From the collection of patient data to image optimization, flexibility and ease of use are guaranteed.

Preview image in less than 2 seconds

In less than 2 seconds after exposure, a preview image pops up on the console display. Our user-friendly graphical interface is configurable; this enables you to set it up exactly the way you would like to.