Gender diversity in IT business

Czechitas participant image

Under the motto, “Let’s target the balance. We can do IT together.”, Konica Minolta supports the NGO “Czechitas”, a project to support entrepreneurship and IT knowledge capacity-building for women in cooperation with the worldwide organisation Impact Hub. With the help of Impact Hub and Czechitas, the project aims to attract, select and support women and girls in the IT business with the goal of helping them to access the market, learn the basics, find a job or found a new start-up. The project started in the Czech Republic in August 2015, and expanded in 2016 by including Germany. In its 3rd year 2017/2018, started in September 2017, the project will now also be running in Poland and Austria, additionally.

With this collaboration, Konica Minolta supports the educational workshops taking place at the Impact Hub facilities in the Czech Republic, Germany, Poland and Austria. The workshops show female pupils, students, professionals, entrepreneurs and career changers a new perspective in the IT environment as well as focusing on how IT topics are approached and implemented in a corporate environment. Konica Minolta offers professional know-how by providing speakers from within Konica Minolta to teach and answer questions from the participants. By taking an active part in this project Konica Minolta will help open up the IT world to women and decrease the gender imbalance that currently exists.

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