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Enabling Carbon Neutrality

Minimising the impact on the environment and slowing global warming is one of the most important challenges for our society today. And it is up to every one of us to contribute to that aim. With our Enabling Carbon Neutrality programme we have reached out to address this challenge and provide a transparent and easy solution. The comprehensive programme enables customers to achieve the carbon-neutral operation of their Konica Minolta devices and thus reduce their envionmental impact.

Customers who decide for the programme can print with their Konica Minolta systems as usual, while the total emissions over the lifetime of each device will be calculated and offset through certified carbon offset projects.

Since starting the Enabling Carbon Neutrality programme in 2015 more than 2.5 million kg CO2 have been cancelled. This figure includes customers all over Europe, several events and fairs that were offset as well as internal compensation.

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For the Enabling Carbon Neutrality programme Konica Minolta has partnered with the international climate protection expert ClimatePartner, which ensures transparency and resilience of the programme. Together with ClimatePartner we support a Gold Standard certified carbon offset project for Wind Energy in Vader Piet, Aruba, in the Caribbean Sea. By utilising the wind resources of the island, the project reduces emissions of greenhouse gases by approximately 150,000 t CO2 per year.

Wind Energy, Vader Piet, Aruba
Wind energy, Vader Piet, Aruba

Carbon neutral printing – how it works:

Enabling Carbon Neutrality - how it works

Naturally, at Konica Minolta we have adopted carbon-neutral printing ourselves:
Konica Minolta Europe has taken the first steps towards carbon neutrality by offsetting all CO2 emissions from the output devices used in the HQ in Langenhagen, Germany. Moreover, Konica Minolta has promoted a carbon-neutral stand at different fairs like the drupa in June 2016 or CeBIT in March 2017. There are plans to implement the carbon-neutral stand concept also at future fairs, thus reducing our company’s carbon footprint further.