Environmental Sustainability


Green Factory

Konica Minolta recognises the importance of pursuing greater efficiency in production processes. We are working hard to minimise the use of energy and resources by reducing waste in manufacturing processes, and focus on developing production technologies that curb emissions of CO2, waste, and chemical substances.

We also see the need to increase contributions to the global environment by helping our suppliers reduce their environmental impact. In 2010, Konica Minolta introduced a certification system for the evaluation of environmental activities of its production sites. The target is to reduce both costs and environmental impact.

All factories are certified according to ISO 14001. There are two levels a production site needs to achieve to qualify for certification as a Green Factory. By November 2015 all factories had achieved Level 2. From 2005 to 2013, the overall CO2 reduction in the manufacturing area amounted to 23%. In the Konica Minolta fiscal year 2014, the overall CO2 reduction during production in all Green Factories was 1,900 tons.

Konica Minolta is working to preserve biodiversity as part of its Green Factory Certification System with these three initiatives:

  • Consideration of water resources
  • Consideration of wastewater
  • Proper management of greenery at factories