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PROKOM - User Community

PROKOM - User Community


What is PROKOM?

PROKOM is a member community of Konica Minolta users run by the members for the members.

Our aim is to build an environment for business transformation and grow a community of profitable
businesses through education, networking and shared experience.

In a 24/7 online world, the future of print is evolving and becoming increasingly challenging. PROKOM
helps its members by supporting them with key information, business tools, strategic direction and the
practical help they need.

At PROKOM we’re passionate about improving our members’ businesses. Our hands-on approach
involves continuous development, constant feedback and knowledge sharing. PROKOM members are
our greatest asset and we’re dedicated to investing in their future, in the most effective ways possible.

Membership levels

There are two levels of access to PROKOM content and support:

Registered (Blue) Members can access the PROKOM website to view limited taster content which includes Konica Minolta’s Digital1234 program. This content is free, following sign up via a simple registration process. Members also get a single invite to the annual conference and selected webinars and local seminars.

This paid subscription allows full access to the PROKOM website, content, events, forums and support services. You will receive exclusive access to the full range of e-learning content, guides, webinars and seminars, as well as being invited to the PROKOM annual conference. You’ll learn a range of new skills and strategies to help you improve operational efficiency and implement more profitable business models. PROKOM Elite members will also have a collective voice to influence both PROKOM’s direction and Konica Minolta’s future product developments.

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