Hybrid workflow


Harmonising digital press and offset press

A hybrid workflow provides you with the ultimate production flexibility and maximizes the utilization of both your digital and offset equipment.

Over the years commercial offset printers developed workflows exclusively for offset printing; this included the estimating, order processing, as well as combining some of the proofing and pre-press elements. When they introduced digital printing devices into the production mix, they found that the workflow requirements were different and consequently handled the flows separately. As customer demands and needs are changing, there is now a need to print the same work in both offset and digital, and make production choices based on lead time, cost and run length. A single combined hybrid workflow, therefore, provides ultimate production flexibility.

Harmonising a digital press and an offset press, through a hybrid workflow will:

  • Reduce cost and improve productivity through automation
  • Increase pre-press efficiency
  • Maximize printing capacity by doing more in
less time and with fewer mistakes
  • Maintain job integrity, consistency and quality control while reducing costs
  • Integrate with customer service portals and 
web to print systems
  • Exceed customer expectations by improving 
turn-around time
JDFnow workflow image

The full line-up of production printing devices from Konica Minolta, and its range of available controllers, allows user and operator to seamlessly integrate into existing offset workflow such as Agfa Apogee, Screen Equios and Kodak Prinergy.

These systems are automated PDF based workflow that provide a fully centralised, JDF-enabled, prepress production hub. The advanced level of automation allows to reach higher productivity, encounter fewer errors and increase turn around times.

The systems offer the possibility to integrate both offset and digital presses, in order to create a more efficient and easier way to manage the production of all your devices and the delivery of jobs.


The following table shows the compatibility of the different workflow systems, in conjunction with the available range of controllers connecting to the Konica Minolta bizhub presses.

Hybrid Workflow Compatibility Table

As operators at a printing site often face the challenge of having to handle several independent devices, integrating the bizhub PRESS into an existing pre-press workflow, amongst other devices, allows them to control the digital flow from a single centralised point of management, also used for the management of the offset devices.

Control bizhub PRESS directly from the system.

For same quality proofs as the actual outputs and for short runs and quick turnarounds.

Achieve the same RIP processing accuracy as CTP

Automated imposition for offset printing and bizhub PRESS