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Video Security Solutions

Video Security Solutions


Intelligent video systems can filter video footage and specific information from data streams and integrate this material for instance into other applications like access control systems – this in turn offers attractive advantages and opens up new business potential. 

User benefits include the faster retrieval of video material, more efficient staff assignment, reduced infrastructure as well as interesting new business opportunities. 


  • Surveillance
    Always keep an eye on your property – protecting people and material assets
  • Deterrence
    Effectively avert break-ins and vandalism – before offenders can cause any damage
  • Access control
    Video door stations integrated into smart-home settings as well as building automation
  • Perimeter protection
    Detection of approaching people and vehicles across great distances and early triggering of alarms
  • Documentation
    Automatic documentation of the progress of construction sites, installation of equipment, etc. in image archives
  • Quality assurance
    Visual systems for process monitoring and minimization of production faults 
  • Traffic observation
    Temporary or permanent monitoring of motorway construction areas and other traffic hubs
  • Video analysis
    People counting and analysis of customer behaviour to increase the turnover – for retail stores and other environments
  • Industry 4.0
    Monitoring, control and adjustment of machines and industrial plants 
  • Locating
    Pursuit of vehicles and other objects for longer periods/distances