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Retail Video Analytics

Retail Video Analytics


The video surveillance and analysis of their premises offers various advantages to retail stores, car dealerships and other retailers. Counting visitors, analysing their movements in specific areas of the premises and understanding these activities can help increase turnover and conversions.


  • Analysis of customer behaviour
    Which areas of your store do customers show the most interest in? Where do they remain for longer periods? Heat maps show the most frequented hotspots as colourings in the camera image.
  • Optimized marketing
    What customer impact did your latest advertising campaign have? How effective is your display advertising? Which other factors influence visitor numbers – the weather, day of the week, special offers?
  • Improved personnel planning
    What are the peak times in your store? How can this information help you optimize your staff assignment?
  • Enhanced shopping experience
    How can you adapt your store layout to customer expectations and thus increase customer satisfaction?
  • Counting visitors
    How many customers visited the store last week? Which is the most frequented entrance, and which area of the store was visited the most?
  • Live view
    Use your smartphone or tablet to see what’s happening in your various branches at any time – there’s no need to visit them yourself!