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Number Plate Recognition

Number Plate Recognition


ANPR – Automatic Number Plate Recognition – increases the speed of vehicular access and departure, can open barriers automatically and relieve your surveillance staff of repetitive tasks. This facilitates the organisation of production, loading and/or parking processes within your grounds, can shorten the dwell times of haulers, carriers and their drivers, and allows limiting access to registered vehicles only. You can thus save money or even earn it.


  • Recording
    Store data on-board or on a central fileserver with management of individual filters for the recording of incidents
  • Statistics
    Graphic visualisation of timeline of incidents in bar charts, editable by applying various filters and graphic adjustments
  • Counters
    Counting and listing of vehicles present at any time, with print option
  • White list
    Administration of access rights in a list in CSV format, relating to entrance barriers, car parks or gas stations, can include time limits
  • Blacklist
    Administration of a list of unauthorized vehicles; triggering of visual and acoustic alarms; recording of an alarm list including images; temporary blocking of exits
  • Activities
    Opening of barriers; visual and acoustic alarms; e-mail notifications; posting of notifications in a display