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Mobile Video Surveillance

Mobile Video Surveillance


Mobile video surveillance systems help protect against crime, theft and vandalism for example in public areas, at events, on construction sites, etc.


  • Self-sufficient
    The camera solution does not require a DSL connection and can optionally be operated without power supply via battery and solar power
  • Flexible and mobile
    Camera systems can be assembled, equipped with other sensor modules and connected anywhere in a minimum of time, and can thus be switched flexibly among different locations.
  • Everything in view
    Camera surveillance enables the simultaneous monitoring of all access points to the grounds at any time.
  • Control centre
    Helps to handle the classification of alarms and thus avoiding expensive interactions in the case of false alarms
  • Alarm
    In addition to the notification by the control centre, floodlights or a siren can be installed or an announcement via loudspeaker arranged, all serving as deterrence.
  • Adaptation to individual needs
    Customized engineering of hardware and/or software tailored to your specific demands
  • Robust
    Outdoor camera system are highly robust and work - without high-power climate control and extra protective housing - in a temperature range from -30° to +60°C (-22° to +140°F)