Document Capture & Management

Many enterprises dealing with large amounts of paper-based and electronic information waste time on inefficient workflows, unless processes are efficiently organised by digitising information.

  • You don’t want employees to waste time on manual workflows.
  • You need to avoid staff spending much time on finding and forwarding documents to colleagues and departments.
  • Your employees should not have to retype text from PDFs to bring content into another file format.


Capture OnTheGo

Making the business visible to new customer groups

Dispatcher Phoenix

Advanced process automation: Powerful and easy to use

Document Navigator

Document capture, processing and delivery

dokoni CASE

Streamlining document workflows with SharePoint

dokoni PROCESS

Automating SharePoint business processes

dokoni FIND

Instant access to all information

dokoni SYNC & SHARE

Collaboration wherever you are, whenever you want and from whatever device

Nuance eCopy PDF Pro Office

The smart PDF companion

Nuance eCopy ShareScan

Brings paper documents into the digital world

YSoft SafeQ

Effective document capture with efficient scan workflows


Document capture
Digitisation optimises the capturing of information, enhances processing flexibility and saves time

Document processing
Automated workflows avoid user intervention and streamline internal routines

Document distribution
The instant and correct transmission of digitised information improves business processes

Content & document management
With suitable workflows, enterprises enhance their efficiency and generate better revenues