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Digitise your business processes with Konica Minolta solutions. Learn how we can automate the complete process using web-based cover requests, claims and mid term adjustment notification form. Capture data on the spot, including text, photo’s, figures etc. and upload the information directly into your company’s IT system and initiating instant follow-up.

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Česká Podnikatelská Pojišťovna a.s. Logo

Česká Podnikatelská Pojišťovna a.s.

Česká Podnikatelská Pojišťovna (ČPP) is the third largest insurance provider on the Czech Republic insurance market. ČPP’s revenue amounted to 6.7 billion CZK in 2011. With up to 1,000 employees across 93 subsidiaries, ČPP operates throughout the Czech Republic.

Credit insurance company

Konica Minolta’s client is the world’s leading credit insurer and has a 34.9% market share. Its more than 6,000 employees work in over 50 countries. Their goal is to develop customers’ business in various industry sectors. The credit insurer offers a broad range of services for managing companies’ accounts receivables through its primary activity of credit insurance.
EuroHold AD Logo

EuroHold AD

EuroHold is a leading Bulgarian firm in the finance and insurance sectors with operations across the Balkans focused on non-banking financial services and asset management, leasing and sales of new cars, and general insurance services.
Gesamtverband der Deutschen Versicherungswirtschaft e.V. Logo

Gesamtverband der Deutschen Versicherungswirtschaft e.V.

The Berlin-based German Insurance Association (GDV) is the federation of private insurers in Germany. Its about 470 member companies offer comprehensive coverage and retirement provisions to private households, trade, industry and public institutions, through 460 million insurance contracts.
Infirmary Health System Logo

Infirmary Health System, Inc.

Looking ahead to the long-term changes in healthcare reimbursements from government and private payers, Infirmary Health System, a leading provider of healthcare in southwest Alabama that serves an 11-county region along the Gulf Coast, intensified its efforts to reduce its operating budget and drive costs out of the system.