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Our goal is to know what our customers think. Understanding your needs, we help you solve your business challenges by giving shape to ideas that contribute to a better future for all.


Research and Development at Konica Minolta

Since its establishment in 1873, Konica Minolta has a long history of innovation and is now expanding its business in various fields including the digital workplace, healthcare, sensors and information automation, and business technologies.

For Konica Minolta, innovation and research are key elements for creating new value for society overall. With this ambitious objective, in 2015, Konica Minolta Laboratory Europe (KMLE) was established as part of the Konica Minolta Corporate R&D. Having its headquarters in London, a first R&D laboratory is located in Brno, Czech Republic, and later this year a second KMLE centre focusing on healthcare technologies will open in Munich, Germany.

Brno, Czech Republic, R&D laboratory opening 2015
R&D laboratory opening 2015 in Brno,
Czech Republic
KMLE Konica Minolta Laboratory Europe
KMLE-King’s College of London Hackathon

Exploiting the long standing and robust experience of Konica Minolta, KMLE is a hub where innovative solutions in the field of information and communications technology come to life to transform the next generation of products and services from Konica Minolta. Leveraging on close collaboration with the Business Innovation Centre Europe and several other external research organizations, Konica Minolta Laboratory Europe takes advantage of the most advanced technologies to support new business opportunities driven by innovation and customers’ needs.

Who we are

Current research at Konica Minolta Laboratory Europe is a transformative process that improves and increases products and services in the smart systems and digital workplace domains whilst keeping our customers’ needs as a focus of all development activities. We test new ideas through experiments, proof of concept and prototype demonstration. The results of our activities provide Konica Minolta with the baseline for the development of new solutions.

What we do

We have a broad portfolio of research interests and activities and our ultimate objective is to exploit the results achieved in different research areas to develop integrated solutions that lead to the generation of new products and services. Our current main research areas are:

  1. Computer Vision, Augmented Reality and Wearables
  2. Internet of Things, Networking and Sensors
  3. Artificial Intelligence and Smart Data Systems

Our strategy

In KMLE we strongly believe in disseminating chosen results to wider research communities to foster collaboration and engagement on research topics in the applied industrial context. Our communications also engage with potential customers to ignite meaningful conversations with them as a fundamental component in the process to tailor smart data systems and digital workplace solutions to their needs.

Read our white papers about IoT, Augmented Reality and the last one about the evolution of Artificial Intelligence in workplace.

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