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Giving Shape to Ideas

Core Technologies


Our goal is to know what our customers think. Understanding your needs, we help you solve your business challenges by giving shape to ideas that contribute to a better future for all.


Combining a broad range of cutting-edge technologies

Konica Minolta has established unique core technologies over the past years. Our technologies are the driving force behind the creation of new value for our times. Based on twelve core technologies in four fields – materials, optics, imaging, and nano-fabrication – Konica Minolta combines and fuses these technologies to produce and provide high-value-added products and services to a broad market.

At the same time, we are also working on creating new businesses that could become the pillars of the next generation and are taking steps to create new value in fields that are critical to the future of society, such as environment and energy, health, safety and security.

Material Field
Material Field technology contributes to the improvement of image quality, durability, sensitivity and productivity for such products as colour materials, organic electronics and functional display films.

Optical Field
Optical technology is indispensable for designing compact and high-precision optical units for MFPs and cameras as well as optical measuring units, such as three-dimensional measuring instruments and spectrophotometers.

Nano-Fabrication Field
This term refers to essential processing technology for plastic and glass lenses, hard-disk glass-substrate and optical units for printers in order to make them compact and highly precise.

Imaging field
This field concerns image processing and system designing technology for a wide range of equipment and systems in the field of information, medical, industrial and sensing in order to improve image quality, usability and processing speed.