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Business Areas

Konica Minolta Business Areas

Konica Minolta Business Technologies Business

Office Services
Cutting operating and management costs, streamlining workflows, responding to global business demands, lowering environmental impacts, enhancing information security–under the constantly changing business conditions facing companies, office management requirements are now more varied and sophisticated than ever before. One example: All companies and public institutions are confronted daily with paper-intensive processes; various file formats and the challenge entailed in collecting, sharing and archiving information efficiently. So the optimisation of administrative departments and business processes is becoming a key focus more and more.

As a leading global services provider in the field of IT processes and document processes, Konica Minolta is the service partner for our customers for their successful transformation of their business models and processes. Konica Minolta’s product portfolio ranges from business process optimisation and managed document services to multifunctional peripherals. 

Commercial and Industrial Printing
Commercial and Industrial Printing delivers commercial and corporate in-house printing as well as professional print services and industrial inkjet printing. Along with the growing need for collaboration with digital media creators and diversification in corporate printouts, digital printing systems capable of small-lot and variable data printing have become more widely available.

Konica Minolta supports the optimisation of printing operations by offering a wide range of printing systems, services, and related supplies. In combination with various software products, our production printing systems can be upgraded to comprehensive workflow solutions. Moreover, inkjet technology is becoming widely used in industrial applications, such as large format sign printing, electronic device production and display manufacturing. Konica Minolta provides various industrial inkjet products, such as inkjet print heads, inkjet textile printers and inkjet print units for label printing so as to meet a wide range of customer needs and demands. 

Industrial Business

Optical Systems for Industrial Use
Konica Minolta’s manufacturing roots reside in the treasure house of optical technology it has created through the development and production of products like cameras and lenses. These products have contributed to the evolution of digital electronic devices. For instance, our optical units are employed in digital cinema projectors and our pick up lenses for Blu-ray discs are employed in many reading devices. In addition, Konica Minolta offers optical measuring instruments that are used in lighting sources (LED, OLED) and quality control of lighting devices as well as for the design of indoor ambient light.

Konica Minolta’s measuring instruments are also used to measure the colour and brightness of displays of smartphones, TV screens and the colours of automobile parts. Konica Minolta manufactures measuring instruments under strict quality assurance systems that ensure its products conform to Japan Industrial Standards, Germany's DIN standards and its own rigorous quality standards. Furthermore, Konica Minolta has developed a pulse oximeter for the health sector that measures the oxygen saturation in the arterial blood and the pulse rate, using optical measuring technology that eliminates the need to take blood. 

Functional Materials
Konica Minolta produces fine films by a wide diversity of methods, including coating and vapour deposition. Those high value-added materials offer protection, thermal insulation, waterproofing, polarisation, luminescence and other functions required by industry and society. Konica Minolta provides TAC films, for instance, for protecting LCD polarisers and VA-TAC films for increasing the viewing angle of LCD screens. Furthermore, our high-barrier films help the production of flexible devices like smartphones and tablet PCs with lightweight, thin and durable plastic panels.

We create highly reflective mirror films for mirrors used in renewable energy applications in order to reflect and concentrate sunlight as a heat source for generating electric power. In addition, Konica Minolta’s functional films for building and automobile windows ensure energy efficiency by preventing the interior from heating up. Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) lighting is seen as a promising next-generation lighting technology on account of its capacity for providing uniform lighting across the entire surface of OLED panels as well as its environmentally friendly characteristics such as reduced energy consumption and mercury-free design. Konica Minolta has developed the world’s most efficient white OLED panel (139 lm/W) and became the first in the world to begin mass production of plastic substrate-based, flexible OLED lighting panels, both white and colour-tunable.

Healthcare Business

Konica Minolta Healthcare Business provides one-stop solutions for modality (digital radiography and ultrasound), integrated diagnostic information management and medical IT system solutions for hospitals and clinics. Compared with film scanning, digital radiography (DR) not only reduces X-ray radiation exposure for patients but can also display high-resolution images immediately after scanning.

Konica Minolta’s DR solutions make it possible to take images not only in the X-ray room but also at the hospital bedside in the emergency room and at other locations. Diagnostic ultrasound systems impose less stress on patients and enable the observation of images in real time. In addition, Konica Minolta provides the world’s first digital X-ray mammography systems to apply phase contrast technology, providing the ultimate in image quality by combining high sharpness and granularity with the use of computer-aided detection of shadows indicating suspected breast cancer lesions.

Other Business

The Other Business area manufactures and sells planetarium systems, projectors to show presentations of production and theatre management on worldwide markets. Konica Minolta has been marketing planetariums and related technologies in Japan since 1958. Having adopted and refined numerous technologies in this field over the years, Konica Minolta is responding to the needs of planetarium operators throughout Japan, who are interested in making use of full-dome movies, computer graphics, video projections and multimedia strategies. The world's first laser projection system, Laserscan, for example, was developed in the U.S. and is capable of projecting images onto the full depth and circumference of planetarium domes. Beyond this, we run two Konica Minolta Planetariums in Tokyo; each attracts about 400,000 visitors a year. In addition to its Japanese operations, Konica Minolta has begun expanding its marketing activities in the rest of Asia.