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BKCP Bank Logo


MFP line-up in head office and subsidiaries advances and simplifies document management.
BKF – University of Applied Sciences Logo

BKF – University of Applied Sciences

In little more than 13 years, this educational institution, which was founded in 2001 as the small but promising Budapest College of Communication, has grown into the biggest private university in Hungary. BKF decided to modernise its rather haphazard installation of output systems from various suppliers, streamlining the entire installation to integrated and comprehensive printing facilities.
Bodenmechanisches Labor Gumm logo

Bodenmechanisches Labor Gumm

It was just a casual remark that led to the implementation of a document management system (ECM) at the “Bodenmechanisches Labor Gumm.” This provides a revision-safe digital archive and ensures the automation of various business processes. The specialised technical service provider can now speed up internal procedures and enhance their transparency, increasing the company’s profitability.
Bonafarm Group Logo

Bonafarm Group

Bonafarm Group, founded in 2009, is one of the most prestigious and largest vertically-integrated agricultural and food industry corporations in Central and Eastern Europe. Its headquarters are located in Budapest, Hungary. Although Bonafarm as a group is still a young enterprise, most of the member firms have been operational for decades.
Boreal Transport Norge AS Logo

Boreal Transport Norge AS

Boreal Transport is one of the largest players in the Norwegian public transport sector. The company has sites all over the country, with more than 2500 staff and 960 buses, boats and trains.