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Starting with the key process of receiving invoices, FORWARDIS has increasingly begun to embrace digitalisation in its handling of documents and procedures. The company, which specialises in multi-modal transport and railway logistics in Europe and Asia, and transports more than 10 million tons of goods every year, has implemented an ECM solution with Konica Minolta as a result of this approach.

Iraqi Ministry of Oil

The Printing Division within the Iraqi Ministry of Oil, is naturally, a Public organization within the Government facilities and employs a total of around 10-100 employees, normally working in two shifts around the clock. The oil products distribution company or OPDC, is responsible for the distribution of gasoline to gas stations and kerosene to every family in the country.

Fransabank Group

Fransabank Group, a client hailing from the Banking, Finance and Insurance sector with over 3000 employees, is ranked first in its network of local Lebanese agencies, which offer the national community all types of banking products and services. Among these services we find Corporate Banking, Investment and Private Banking, Consumer Banking, SMEs, Insurance and Savings.

Be-Ge Group

The Be-Ge Group is the world’s oldest manufacturer for suspended driver seats and is among the leading suppliers of seats for buses, forklifts, industrial trucks, forestry and construction vehicles, trucks and railway traffic. The Swedish family-owned group of companies runs operations in Sweden, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium.
Publilégal Logo


The Publilégal group has a long and proud tradition, and was founded back in 1846. It specialises in the production of legal and administrative notices. Publilégal meets the needs of legal professionals, large companies and government agencies who need to uphold their obligation to publish statutory legal notices.