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TON, Inc.

TON, Inc., a proudly independent Czech company, has been producing Bentwood furniture since 1953, and preserves the same quality craftsmanship that furniture innovator Michael Thonet originated in 1861. TON’s products are the winners of various awards, including Good Design, Red Dot Design Award and Czech Grand Design. Meeting global demand is achieved by its own sales network as well as remote employees. The company needed ever-greater agility, while facing an expansion of email traffic and the challenge of inefficient paper-based legacy systems that had proved a significant issue for invoice processing. With Konica Minolta as a strong partner, TON implemented a digitised workflow and document management solution. This way, TON was able to slash document handling times throughout the company, with all information in one place, and quickly and easily retrievable.
Stadtreinigung Leipzig logo


The Stadtreinigung Leipzig (Leipzig City Council Cleansing Department) used to be completely awash with information and paperwork. But, thanks to Konica Minolta, it now uses a document management system (DMS) that administrates all location-specific letters, faxes and e-mails that come in and archives them digitally. This not only optimises workflows but also takes the strain off staff and improves customer service.
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Romanian steel products specialists, Melinda Steel SRL, has grown to become a leader in the country’s construction market since its foundation 20 years ago. Its core focus is the commercialisation and distribution of steel products and cut-to-length steel coil services. Its portfolio includes a large and diverse range of both domestic and internationally sourced metal products. Having outgrown the capabilities and limitations of their legacy email system, Konica Minolta has set up a cloud-based model, Office 365 mail server solution – and provides a single point of contact for all printing service needs.
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The Siemens plant in Mülheim, Germany, is known as the world’s most advanced location for the design and production of gas turbines, steam turbines and generators for power plants. In order to ensure more sustainable product development, the focus is always on improving energy efficiency, reducing raw material consumption and CO2 emissions. The customers range from energy suppliers to international power plant projects. Since 2017, Mülheim has also been the service location for the business with generators as well as gas and steam turbines. Siemens sees this location as spearhead for the application of new production technologies. In order to test new augmented reality solutions in its quality assurance processes, they chose Konica Minolta as the partner to pilot appropriate wearables technology.
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Siemens, s.r.o., branch Industrial Turbomachinery

Siemens, s.r.o., branch Industrial Turbomachinery in Brno manufactures standard and custom industrial steam turbines, which operate on all the inhabited continents of the world. The assembly of turbines is very challenging, so the mechanics use paper documentation – technical drawings and schemes. Digitising this documentation would greatly facilitate their work.