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Focus on your core tasks and let us manage your printing infrastructure

Are you aware of your printing costs? If yes, you already know that hardware and consumables only account for some of it. Other aspects to consider are the infrastructure, which should fit your company’s specific requirements, and has to adapt to the processes and workflows it is a part of. Most importantly, you just want everything to work!

A lot of current printing environments are patchworks of printing, imaging and fax devices that aren’t managed or serviced to keep up with today’s business world. Such haphazard structures are an obstacle to your overall organisational efficiency. Having to spend too much time on administration or solving hardware problems keeps your employees from concentrating on their main tasks, and is a waste of time and money.

The goal of our Optimized Print Services is to enable your company to increase the efficiency of all its print and scan related processes. We create an individual solution for your requirements, which ensures maximum data security, is financially viable and environmentally friendly. Guaranteeing cost reductions and trouble-free processes, we develop improvement strategies on the basis of precise facts and figures. An important part of our Optimized Print Services is the management of your entire print and scan infrastructure, including practical aspects like the automatic delivery of consumables. We also focus on continuous optimisation – so that you and your employees can really concentrate on your core tasks!

Find out how we enabled the business of:

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Boreal Transport Norge AS Logo

Boreal Transport Norge AS

Boreal Transport is one of the largest players in the Norwegian public transport sector. The company has sites all over the country, with more than 2500 staff and 960 buses, boats and trains.
České aerolinie, a.s. Logo

České aerolinie, a.s.

Since October 1923, Czech Airlines (CSA) has been operating as an airline. It is not only the flagship carrier of the Czech Republic, but also one of the five oldest airlines in the world. As of September 2012, the airline is a member of the Czech Aeroholding. Today, the company has 14 sites in the Czech Republic and engages more than 1,000 employees.
Huff Werbeartikel oHG Logo

Huff Werbeartikel oHG

The Nuremberg-based advertising media specialist Huff oHG has been relying on Konica Minolta systems for many years. As part of the periodic replacement of the equipment, the new multifunctional print environment has now also been enhanced with a customised solution concept.
AHOLD, a.s. Logo

AHOLD, a.s.

AHOLD Czech Republic, a.s., is a division of the multinational holding AHOLD, based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Today, AHOLD Czech Republic, a.s. operates the supermarket chain Albert and the hypermarket stores Hypernova in more than 280 locations.
StädteRegion Aachen Logo

StädteRegion Aachen

The StädteRegion (cities region) of Aachen, formerly known as the district of Aachen is an innovative association of local authorities consisting of eight towns or cities and two municipalities. With its 1870 employees, the administration of the StädteRegion is considered a central service provider for its citizens.