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Digitally capture, check and clear incoming invoices with instant invoice processing

Your company receives any quantity of purchase invoices on a daily basis. This involves a time-intensive and frequently error prone process, from their forwarding to the responsible departments to their validation and payment. From now on, rely on an optimal solution for this task: digital invoice management by Konica Minolta.

By digitally capturing all incoming invoices, you make sure that all purchase invoices are correctly mapped in the system. And you can conveniently use your existing document scanners and multifunctional printers for the digitisation of paper originals.

Text recognition and intelligent algorithms ensure that all relevant invoice details (i.e. consignment, invoice number, amounts, etc.) are correctly read out and captured in the system. Forwarding to the responsible department or employee is automatic and instantaneous – same as the alignment of the information with the ERP system and the accounting department.

A fast and correct billing run is achieved with specific rules defined in the system for the checking and approval of invoices. You also benefit from the clearly structured user interface that makes invoice processing simple and straightforward. Sub-verifications as well as adding comments to bills and receipts are also possible. All of this makes assignment stamps, original signatures and interoffice mailbags a thing of the past.

Simply let all your invoices flow smoothly exactly to wherever they are needed.


  • Structured digital capturing of all incoming invoices
  • Faster invoice approval with electronic processes
  • Safe and transparent – thanks to access control, documented approval processes and revision-safe archiving
  • Regular cost-savings with the deduction of cash discounts
  • Seamless integration into existing ERP systems

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