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Increase your efficiency with digital processing of incoming mail

Most businesses are struggling with masses of incoming mail every day. There’s little you can do about the daily flood of paper in your company mailroom – but all the more to ensure the structured and efficient distribution of all enterprise-relevant information throughout your company. With an automated solution for digital mail management, you put paid to the conventional internal delivery of incoming mail – instead, your entire team benefits from instant distribution via the data highway.

You can capture and digitise your entire incoming mail on your existing document scanners and multifunctional printers. Intelligent software automatically reads out the relevant content and classifies all mail documents. The digitised mail – including all documents, letters and fax messages – is electronically captured, automatically read out and forwarded precisely to the intended recipients (invoices to the accounting department, tenders to sales, etc.).

Employees are automatically advised of any new mail, which is transmitted directly to the recipient’s mailbox on the computer desktop. This way, incoming documents can easily be allocated to existing projects or forwarded as required. The automatic mail delivery is virtually instantaneous and completely location-independent.


  • Enhanced transparency from the central digital capture of all incoming mail
  • Time and cost savings thanks to streamlined internal mail logistics
  • Perfect mail distribution across multiple locations
  • Decisive acceleration of internal processing times
  • Seamless and revision-safe documentation of all processes

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