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Streamline your invoice processing with automation

To stay competitive, businesses need fast, accurate invoice processing – but keeping track of paperwork, faxes, e-mails and enquiries, usually is a costly, time-consuming job. Are you managing your payable invoices with best-in-class processes that save you time and money? Do incoming invoices in your organisation speedily reach the appropriate staff in charge of reviewing, approving and coding them? Or do you think that your invoice processing on the whole might be better organised, issues resolved faster, and early payment discounts captured, at the same time improving vendor relationships?

Eliminate lost invoices and late payment penalties! Always take advantage of early payment discounts! Reduce your costs for invoice processing. Take action now – with our automated accounts payable solutions!

Explore the advantages of Konica Minolta’s comprehensive ECM solutions for Accounts Payable – and discover new cost-effective ways to streamline your accounts payable workflow, reduce the demands on your IT administrators, and enhance the security throughout your business.


  • Automated workflows that cut down on time-consuming manual tasks
  • Real-time validation helps detect errors faster, resolve issues, improve relationships with vendors and suppliers
  • No more lengthy internal searches for invoices in paper form – instantly access your invoices at anytime from anywhere
  • Easy sharing, transferral, searches, processing and archiving of digitised invoices – all while maintaining maximum security (enforced via user access rights)

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