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Server Monitoring and Management



Don’t bother to organise your own server monitoring and management – let us take care of it!

There are good reasons to outsource the monitoring and management of servers and network infrastructure to an external provider. By extending your existing application management from Konica Minolta to include server monitoring and management, you are guaranteed even higher levels of service quality. If for example, your server setup needs to be changed when updating an application, then our experts will simply go ahead with this work without delay. In other words, we take over full responsibility for your application environment – whatever happens, you simply contact Konica Minolta! No hassle, no hesitation, just instant support via our Service Desk.


  • Konica Minolta looks after the monitoring and management of your server and network infrastructure, leaving you to concentrate on more strategic activities
  • By outsourcing to Konica Minolta, you free up valuable time for core business tasks
  • Enjoy comprehensive, all-round service from a single competent service provider

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