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The dokoni SUITE, Konica Minolta’s Content Management application, makes content easier to share, encourages collaboration, and boosts process productivity.

dokoni CONTENT provides intelligent document distribution capabilities in combination with a comprehensive enterprise content management (ECM) functionality, enabling companies to leverage document management capabilities directly from the interface of their Outlook e-mail application and/or Windows Desktop Explorer and inside SharePoint.

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Content management

  • Use SharePoint functionalities inside Windows Explorer
  • E-mail management and content surveillance from within Outlook
  • Instant document access according to viewing rights
  • Automatic management of metadata
  • Version management & check-in/check-out for documents
  • Improved usability through additional ribbons inside SharePoint
  • Expert search, saved searches & favourites
  • Offline publishing
  • Document level security
  • Audit trails and archiving of "history logs"
  • Filing and categorisation
    • Folder templates
    • Dynamic filing plan

Document distribution

  • Integrating Outlook with SharePoint
  • Downsizing of e-mail inbox
  • Desktop integration with SharePoint
  • Bulk uploading to SharePoint